In the wake of lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, from closure of schools, businesses, churches and workplaces to paralysis of both public and private transportation, online networking has become the go-to option that not only serves as an entertained platform, but also as a crucial learning medium. That is why FEGNe is working round the clock to keep your kids sharper than ever, through fun learning and networking.


We offer a wide range of programs such as
Informal learning, advanced learning, mentorship and career development

We work our best to ensure that your child has been exposed to as wide a scope of practical skills in STEM as possible. To achieve this, we are working with collaborators from around the world, We offer a wide range of programs such as
- Informal learning
- Advanced learning
- Mentorship
- Career development

Program packages

There is no better feeling for a parent than to be sure to impact positively in their child life, and at not a cheap, but affordable and fair cost. The thought of change, empowerment and future is thrilling, when we invest in actualizing it. That is why our prices are catered to include everyone.

- Daily $5
- Weekly $13
- Monthly $50


The keywords that define our brand are fun, education, global, networking, children, and innovation. We strongly believe that we have a responsibility as older members of the society to take care of the status quo of our young ones, in order to inspire them to the right path as they transmogrify into future adults. To build a strong, prosperous and harmonious society, now is the time when we must fold our sleeves and cultivate that culture. But come to think of this, the world is changing, and we are constantly trying to figure out how to discover ourselves and actualize our individual potentialities. Every so often, you will hear an adult complain that they wish they had a chance to change their career trajectory, only that it is too late in their lives to do so. If you have been there, this is one of the saddest experiences ever to happen, as the unforgiving world will hardly ever allow you to stop and mend past decisions. This is the philosophy behind FEGNe and many other players in the industry are working hard to ensure our posterity is self-aware and begins to build their future now. How? through making education fun as well as a global networking tool.

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