Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday1730 - 1830 hrs EAT
  •  7-14 years
  • Have phone/ PC with good camera
  • Reliable internet connectivity
  • Quiet place
  • Pen and paper
  • Tools as specified per session
Course description

At this Covid-19 time, food security becomes a key concern; high consumption with stay at home, low production due to reduced labor and limited access to farms. During the Launch to take place on 1st of July, every person will cover the above names by their country flag and unveil upon the launch. This will happen on zoom. Communication shall be done basing on time zones. Planting will commence then FEGNe will advise on sourcing of certified seedlings Those to be trained will pay fee and join zoom sessions as communicated considering time zones. Photos of the garden and owners will be shared during planning, land preparation, planting, farm management, mature crop and harvesting.


Evaluations will be done along the whole process and judges will review for awards of the best garden. The whole process will be covered by media

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