Kenneth Monjero (Dr. Fun)
President, FEGNe

Kenneth Monjero Igadwa is a research assistant at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization based in Nairobi Kenya. Mr. Monjero holds a vast of experience on application of biotechnology tools in both livestock and crop research for food security. With his passion for science, he recognizes that he needs to empower more end users of research products through participatory approach and communication skills to bring about positive change in Kenyan society.

Dennis Baffour-Awuah
Country Coordinator, Ghana

Dennis Baffour-Awuah is an MPhil. student at the University of Ghana, Legon.  He also is the editor of the science, technology, agriculture and environment focused blog, Love for Science ( The diverse experience he has gathered as a media practitioner has contributed to his being a passionate communicator and a storyteller. He has helped create various modules of engagement on radio in the past. Dennis believes effective communication and engagement is vital to making an impact in every society.

Anthony Jason
Programs Coordinator

Antony is an accomplished Science teacher with an outstanding 7-year classroom management skills and genuine passion for helping children of all abilities reach their full potential. He attained his undergraduate degree in Education from Kenyatta University in 2013. He has taught at a wide range of schools across different year groups and has undertaken numerous management positions including head of science department, school Examinations coordinator and National examinations supervisor.

Ruth Kimani
Training Coordinator

Ruth Kimani is an educator, mentor and training co-ordinator. She has worked with children and the youth to help in self-development and awareness, to build life skills around purpose, connection, growth, balance and resilience. With nearly a decade working in various mentorship and self-development capacities, Ruth knows what truly drives the youth and children. She is passionate about innovation, growth, transformation, connection and communication.

Daniel Ndungu
IT/Marketing Coordinator

Daniel is a STEM enthusiast with great  interest  in arts and science related  technology  innovations. He is also an undergraduate student at Scott Christian University doing a degree in ICT (Information Communication Technology) His passion for community service and positive change has led him to work with children and the youth as a STEM Mentor and Design thinking educator.