We look forward to deliver informal education in support of basic education outside of a varied structured curriculums building on children inner self and actualization through demonstrations, experiments, science shows, conversation. We take self-directed learning, peer learning, networking, coaching, mentoring and performance planning as key for children overall success.
Looking at the current local and global issues, there is need to raise our children with skills of addressing local and global issues and product development participation. We thus engage learners in direct application of skills, theories and models. We expose children to hands-on in real-world settings, creative projects, independent/directed research, and in turn apply what is gained from the applied experience to academic learning. Our applied learning activities may occur outside or embedded to traditional classroom experience.
We are special when it comes to mentorship, apart from using professionals guiding a less experienced or less knowledgeable children, we also use a tire mentorship approach; basing on academic levels, geographic regions, economic level etc. Imagine privileged mentoring less privileged, performers to less performers, diversely challenged to diversely not challenged.
The roots of career development begin early in a child’s life, this is why we look into inner self passion and drive it to actualization. Through basic, applied education and mentorship, children explore diverse environments, learn to handle issues, make decisions and adjust to change. In order to make the naturally provided for heroes and heroines out of the children, the platform helps them to discover their unique potentialities and the process of actualization. Children are aligned to the right mentors and start practicing their career aspirations now.